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"In 25 years in the business, I've never seen a system so well designed. With everything I can tell, it's a powerful system and it's impossible to fail. Mike provides us a lot of great ideas. Ideas on both communication skills and marketing, how to read people and really build solid rapport."
—Mike E.

"I attended Mike's introduction and had the epiphany that this was what I had always been looking for in spades. Now, after 30 years, it isn't easy to teach an old dog new tricks. But, I was smart enough to realize if I didn't copy this exactly it wouldn't work. I felt fortunate that they allowed me to become part of the system. Below are the details of the results thus far. Keep in mind that I have fun. I will be traveling a total of about 15 weeks this year and half of that is spent at my place in Hawaii.
$5,850 in Annuity Income (before Mike)
$88,900 in Annuity Income/ $365,007 Total Income (first year with Mike)
$231,960 in Annuity Income/ $475,464 Total Income (Currently)
I am always amazed what Mike does to help us with conference calls weekly, new materials, etc., at no additional cost."
—Michael L.

"The professionalism and the system helps me gain clients rather than cut them."
—Larry L.