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"Mike's organization is an aggressive and progressive company that supports their advisors in a way that I can't see anyone else doing."
—Jack N.

"People who come to see us need so much help and advice, but have so many bad experiences "under their belt," they are leery and hesitant to trust anyone. Mike's system is a breath of fresh air for them! For (what seems to be) the first time in their financial planning life, clients are able to open up on many different levels and TRUST us. Many clients have very personal family dynamics, which drastically affect their planning; situations that, until now, have not been discussed with their advisors. This has the most effective Client Building System available!"
—Stan & Donna R.

"As of July, I have made around $250K using the system. Without this awesome system and support from the administrative offices, I'm sure I would be "down the river!" My sincerest thanks to Mike & his team!"
—Sam A.