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"The 12 months prior to hiring Mike my total production was $646,300. Over the next 12 months, my production jumped by almost 400% due to the coaching of Mike and his team.
They never stop trying to make the system better. They have developed this DRIP marketing program that is the best I have ever seen."
—Phillip S.

"I just want to say that everybody and every industry promises you they'll do all these things and they're the best and everything else. This is the only place that actually delivers, and not only do they deliver, they're always one step ahead of you and have everything that you need."
—Steve K.

"Mike has completely changed my life really. I mean this system is totally, if I could describe it in one word, I would say genius. It has gone far beyond anything I have ever seen, it's a complete turnkey operation, and anyone who wants to be successful can certainly be successful using this system. One thing I like about the drip system, is being able to capture, not just the people that go through the workshop or first, second or third meetings, but eventually being able to capture everyone who responds to our ad or interest in information."
—Glenn R.