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"Mike has helped me, generally because I think he picks up where all the other marketing agents and agencies leave off."
—Jim B.

"I immediately knew this was the piece of the puzzle I was missing. It seemed too good to be true and it appeared to have a lot of great potential, within a month of traveling there. I found my company in debt of around $25,000 (it may have been closer to $30,000+). Every time I would talk to my brother (which is in the business) he would ask "Hey have you made any money yet?" I would always reply "Not yet, but I am going too soon!" By the end of December of that same year, my business was completely debt free and closed around $2,000,000 in premiums...all in the first six months. We have implemented the new epidemic marketing program recommended by Mike. We have created quite a stir around our office with the introduction of this marketing program. In fact, we actually had people waiting in line to receive their pedometers and all of them commented how they are really enjoying the newsletters. Over the past few months we have been forced to schedule appointments two and three weeks out which is truly unbelievable for this business. To date, we are on pace to beat last years numbers and the business currently has a healthy six figure bank account. Not bad for a couple of years in the business! Thanks be to God and Thanks Mike!"
—Bryan W.