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"My appointment percentage is now 70%. WOW! Little things do make a huge difference!"
—Kevin J.

"The true brilliance of Mike's system is three-fold. First, there is a method and a philosophy that permeates the entire organization. The second is the cohesive, seamless organization between the staff and the leadership. Third, is the training, training, training and training. How do you know it is working? You know the drip plan works when you are at a restaurant and someone says, "Thanks for the newsletter, I really like it." When your partner says "It is good to be able to pinpoint where we went wrong on that case; I wish we had known then what we know now." For our practice, as partners, we are going from being in debt and wondering what is going wrong to making OUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Mike is taking the science of the mind and turning it into an art to sell. But, if you want a statistic that makes a difference in my stress has dropped enough that my blood pressure has gone down 25 points..."
—Bill K.