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"I like the whole focus on the psychological aspect in the sales process more so than, not just an organization that's out there promoting product. They focus more on relationship building more so than any other organization that I've worked with. You're committed to and follow through on what you say you're going to, which is good."
—Ted D.

"It took me from not knowing how to sell an annuity, not knowing how to get in front of people, to writing $4 million this year, which, you know, is fantastic."
—Bryan B..

"I was basically floundering and really had no direction; it was kind of a dead end type of scenario. So coming to Mike and being a part of his organization has tripled the business that I've written, and I look to double or triple that coming in the next year, and it's all because of the system that's put in place. Whether it's marketing, whether it's appointments, whether it's the product- any type of thing that we need is there for us. I can't believe the amount of effort you guys put into it. I mean, for me that blows me away that somebody does that. I've never been around that before, and I can say that until I retire, I'll be working with Mike."
—Steve R.